As a landlord, listing your property is the foundational step for successfully finding the ideal tenant. Where and how your property is listed determines who sees it and, ultimately, who your potential applicants may be. Dwelly is laser-focused on creating a unique and seamless listing experience for our landlords. We’ve created a free model as well as a paid premium model to meet your varying needs as a landlord. Here’s what you’ll get out of each model:

Free Model

Maybe it's your first time listing with Dwelly or maybe you're just looking to minimize your listing costs. Either way, our free model is definitely a must-try for Toronto landlords.

1. It's completely free, with no hidden clauses or fine print.                                

Agents tend to charge a hefty price to simply list your property on sites like the MLS system. We don't think that's too fair so we list your property on Dwelly at no cost whatsoever.  

2. Not only will we list your property, we'll also take care of marketing it.

Dwelly allows you, as a landlord, to upload unlimited photos and videos of your property. While the free model leaves that part up to you, we take care of getting your listing maximum exposure. We'll publish your property listing, including all photos and videos, to our partner sites, such as Walkscore and Facebook to boost your listing reach and visibility.  

3. You'll save a ton of time by screening potential tenants online.

The process of screening and evaluating potential tenants can get slow and tedious. Our listing experience is designed to maximize your time by allowing you to screen potential tenants, view their credit score and assess their paperwork all online.  

Premium Paid Model

In addition to all our free features, Dwelly's premium tier model offers value-added VIP services that will enhance your property listing. If you're in a rush to close your rental transaction or if you're interested in a more polished property listing, our premium model is the way to go.

1. Get exclusive promotion perks like having your property featured on our home page.

By listing with our premium model you'll ensure your property gets hundreds of thousands of online views monthly. Your property will be featured on Dwelly's homepage and we'll also power it through to our partner sites.

2. We'll personally take professional photos and videos of your             property.

A Dwelly professional will take high quality photos, videos and create floor plan mock-ups of your property to add to your listing. High quality visual content will boost the ranking of your listing and it will, in turn, dramatically increase interest in your property.

3. Ease your mind with our Dwelly Rental Guarantee Policy, which        protects your home and earnings.  

We provide you with your own Dwelly Rental Guarantee agreement, which insures things like damage to your home or unfulfilled rental payments. The maximum insured amount would be determined based on several factors regarding your property.

If you're interested in listing your property or if you have any additional questions, reach out to us via the live chat on