The decision to buy, sell or rent a home is too important to get wrong. Deciding which property developer to invest in is a crucial part of the home buying process. In the pre-construction phase especially, it is important for you to choose a developer who will complete his project on time, will register the property quickly, and whose project will sell well at resale. To help you choose such a developer, here’s our list of the top 10 developers in Toronto.

1. Tridel

Tridel is one of the leading companies in this industry. The developer has registered 171 condo buildings in Toronto and the GTA up to date. The award-winning developer has garnered accolades including “Home Builder of the Year” and “Green Home Builder of the Year”. Furthermore, Tridel is known for completing projects in a timely manner, and is sell well at both pre-construction and resale.

One of the developer's newest projects, Ten York, is a 65 storey building which offers spacious suites and some stunning lake views. There are still a few suites available in this building, so if you're looking for a place to live, hurry up and visit Ten York.


2. Daniels

The Daniels Corporation is one of the most well-established condo developers in Toronto. Having been around for more than 35 years, Daniels has built more than 30,000 residential living spaces, including homes, apartments, master-planned communities and retail spaces. Furthermore, similar to Tridel, Daniels has won it’s fair share of awards including “Ontario High Rise Builder of the Year”, “Toronto Arts and Business Award”, “Toronto Urban Design Award” and many more.

Located at the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District, Festival Tower is one of Daniel’s most luxurious buildings. Every year, actors, filmmakers and singers come to Toronto for an award ceremony at Bell Festival Centre, which is right next door to Festival Tower. As such, the purpose behind Festival Tower is for guests to be treated like stars. If you enjoy such a luxurious and vibrant lifestyle, then Festival Tower is the place for you.


3. Great Gulf

Great Gulf is another one of Toronto's top property developers. Similar to Daniels, Great Gulf has been building Toronto condo developments for more than 40 years, and have won several awards themselves including Home Builder of the Year for 2018.

One of Great Gulf's well-known new condo developments is One Bloor, a 75-storey building located at the intersection of Young and Bloor. This building is the 40th tallest building in the world, as such, it offers state-of-the-art amenities and a breathtaking view of Toronto’s skyline.


4. Cresford

Cresford Development Corporation is an organization that’s been building in the Greater Toronto Area for over 40 years. The developer aspires to create luxurious living units that flow seamlessly from one space to the next. Cresford is largely considered the first developer in Canada to include international fashion brands into the design of their condominium buildings. This attention to aesthetic detail really sets Cresford apart.

The developer focus on creating residential high-rises with fashion-forward thinking. Their work with internationally-recognized fashion designers allows them to create buildings with an upscale elegance sought after by the sophisticated urban dweller.

The Casa Condos (Casa , Casa II, Casa III) located on Charles St E in downtown Toronto are regarded as some of the best buildings in the city for young professionals and students.


5. Pinnacle International

Pinnacle International have established themselves as one of the top condo developers. Similar to Daniels, Pinnacle International is committed to building luxurious mid-rise and high-rise condos, along with commercial buildings and hotels. Similar to Tridel, their projects are usually completed within a reasonable time-frame and with high quality.

Pinnacle Grand Park is one of their best developments. This building gained it’s reputation by being the first development in Mississauga, and it is still considered as one of the best developments in that area.  In Toronto, Pinnacle is known for it's buildings around Union Station - 33 Bay at Pinnacle,  Pinnacle Centre & Pinnacle Centre I


6. Concord Adex

Concord Adex is another reliable development company. The company is very well-funded, well-organized and efficient. In addition to meeting their deadlines in the pre-construction phase of their projects, their residential buildings sell well at both pre-construction and resale condo market.

Although the company is more prominent in Vancouver, their development of the City Place community in downtown Toronto remains to be one of the company’s biggest accomplishments. It is also worthy to note that this was the largest residential development at the time. One of their most famous projects to come to that area is called Canada House, which is a two-tower condo complex located at 23 Spadina Avenue.


7. Alterra

Alterra is yet another real estate development company with 40+ years of experience. Alterra is unique in the sense that they build, develop and market all their projects themselves. Furthermore, Alterra is known for creating high-quality projects, one of their standout projects so far is Post House in the St. Lawrence Market.

Post House is a 21 storey building which offers both a sharp modern look along with a historical charm. Located within the George Brown College campus, Post House would mostly appeal to students and educators.


8. Menkes

Menkes has been around for more than 60 years and have developed approximately 40 residential living spaces including condos, detached houses, and semi-detached houses. Furthermore, Menkes are well-funded, and are known for completing their projects on time. If that is not enough to say about them, they have also built and developed The Four Seasons Private Residences.

The Four Seasons Private Residences is their most notable building up to date. The Four Seasons is easily one of the most luxurious condo developments in Toronto, and it’s location in the heart of Yorkville makes it all the more appealing.


9. Diamante

Diamante, unlike the other developers on this list, is not the largest, nor is it the most well-known condo builder in the city. However, Diamante has built some high quality projects in Toronto up to date. In other words, it is safe to say that Diamante have contributed to some of the most luxurious buildings in the GTA.

The Florian is one of their best developments so far. Located at Davenport and Bay, the average resale price of units in this building is over $1300 per square foot.


10. Centrecourt Developments

Centrecourt Developments, similar to Diamante, is not such a well-known developer as of yet. However, they are making solid progress in their quest to become the premier high-rise developers in the city. With 15 projects at different stages of development, Centrecourt Developments are amongst the most active developers in the GTA.

Peter Street Condos is one of their best completed developments so far. The building is stylish, well constructed, offers great amenities, and it’s location at the heart of the Entertainment District tops it all off.

It is also worth noting that the company has launched a multi-tower project known as Transit City Condos in 2018, this building is expected to be completed in the next couple of years. So far, there has been a lot of demand for purchasing units during the pre-construction phase, and the future phases are expected to have similar demands.


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