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A new direction in real estate

Dwelly was born out of a desire to change the way we buy and rent homes. We aim to improve and demystify every aspect of the process, from search to close.

We’re building the first modern real estate platform, pairing top agent talent in Canada with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.

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The Opportunity

Canadian real estate is a $9 trillion asset class. And yet, the industry has been largely untouched by technology. Buying and selling decisions are among the most important a person can make in life, but today, the majority of those decisions are based on gut instincts or outdated information. At Dwelly, we believe that agents — and their clients — deserve better.

Dwelly's Technology

The Dwelly technology suite focuses on providing insights, efficiency, and relationship building so that agents to become trusted advisors to their clients, build their network and grow their business.

Dwelly's High-Quality Deal Flow

With over 100,000 monthly views and rapidly growing across Canada, pre-qualified clients are provided to agents across the to help grow their business and develop strong client relationships.

Dwelly's Marketing

Dwelly will help you craft the narrative and visuals around you, your clients, and your listings. From logos, to photography, to high-quality collateral, our marketing and design team is at your service.

Dwelly's Support

Our internal team absorbs and streamlines day-to-day operational activities, enabling you to spend more time advising clients and pitching prospective buyers and renters.

Is Dwelly a brokerage or a software company?

Dwelly is both. At Dwelly, we are assembling a team of the Canada’s top real estate agents who work with clients to help them buy, sell and rent homes. In this sense, Dwelly is a real estate brokerage.

We also develop our own proprietary software. A full suite of tools for agents and clients alike. This technology helps agents grow their business faster, makes their lives simpler, and creates better outcomes for clients. In that sense, Dwelly is a technology company.