Let’s build a brighter future for real estate, together.

Dwelly was born out of a desire to change the way we buy and rent homes. Our mission is to improve and demystify every aspect of the process, from search to close.

We’re modernizing real estate through a tech-powered platform, a streamlined process and top-notch customer service. By pairing agent talent in Canada with cutting-edge technology, we’re making real estate more intelligent, seamless, accessible and reliable.

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Do real estate that suits you

Our brokerage is structured with different agent tiers that suit different levels of experience and dedication. Entry level agents start as showing agents and, after gaining experience, make their way up to offer agents.

You’ll only move into new tiers when you feel comfortable and confident with where you’re at.

real estate that suits you
Supplement your Income with Dwelly


Supplement your Income

Dwelly lets you put your real estate license to work and earn extra income on the side, no matter what your schedule looks like. Since we have an agent tier structure, you’re able to be a showing agent and earn money for doing showings in your free time.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to make this your full-time career, you can start earning supplemental income on the side right away and slowly work your way towards making it your main cash flow stream.


Give your skills a cutting-edge boost

Aside from getting familiar with our smart search platform that gives clients access to 24/7 chat and online offer submissions, Dwelly operates seamlessly from the inside out.

You’ll learn how to efficiently collaborate with the team using smart co-working software. You’ll build the skills to communicate effectively with clients and navigate offers without a hiccup. You’ll engage in weekly knowledge-sharing team meets, where Dwelly’s start-up culture really shines through.

Skill boost with dwelly
No Strings Attached


No Strings Attached

You get to choose when, where and how you’d like to work. Everything here is on your terms, including our cancellation policy. We believe in zero cancellation penalties because we want you to do what’s right for you.

Joining our brokerage is a win for us and a win for you - we value your time and talent so we do our best to accommodate your needs.

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The Opportunity

Canadian real estate is a $9 trillion asset class, yet the industry has been largely untapped by technology. Buying and selling real estate are among the most important decisions a person can make in life but, today, the majority of those decisions are based on gut instincts, outdated information or generational tradition.

At Dwelly, we believe that agents — and their clients — deserve better. We pair the power of tried and true agent experience and know-how with the s eamlessness and efficiency of cutting edge technology, to bring you real estate that’s on your side.

Our Technology

The Dwelly technology suite focuses on providing insights, efficiency, and relationship building channels so that agents can become trusted advisors to their clients, build their network and grow their business. Our tech gives your clients an end-to-end search experience that, by the time you meet them, your agent-client experience is already off to a great start.

We put tech to good use by offering round the clock 24/7 chat support so your clients no longer feel the need to give you middle-of-the-night phone calls. We also make the offer submission process way less stagnant for you, by providing tech that allows clients to submit the offer information online.

Our High-Quality Deal Flow

With over 100,000 monthly Dwelly views and accelerated growth across Canada, pre-qualified clients are provided to our agents to help grow their business and develop strong client relationships.

We’re proud to be a brokerage that gives you your desk fees’ value where it matters - not just with a co-working office space or marketing assets, but with cold, hard cash-flow leads that are bound to grow your business.

Our Marketing

Dwelly will help you craft the narrative and visuals around you, your clients, and your listings. From logos, to photography, to high-quality collateral, our marketing and design team is at your service. We partner with professional photographers to make sure your listings don’t miss a beat and, using our Matterport, you can curate 360° virtual tours for your clients’ homes.

We take a marketing-savvy approach to promoting listings as well as creating our own content for the Dwelly Blog. All our Dwelly listings get featured on our home page and our monthly newsletter that goes out to tens of thousands of home searchers.

Our Support

Our internal team absorbs and streamlines day-to-day operational activities, enabling you to spend more time advising clients and working with prospective buyers and renters. Administrative tasks like pre-qualified chat inquiries, showing bookings and follow-up questions are handled by our virtual admins.

We believe in taking the mundane tasks off your hands to give you time and space for the important stuff.

Is Dwelly a brokerage or a software company?

Long story short, Dwelly is both.

At Dwelly, we are assembling a team of forward thinking real estate agents who work with clients to help them buy, sell and rent homes. In this sense, Dwelly is a real estate brokerage.

We also develop our own proprietary software: A full suite of tools for agents and clients alike. This technology helps agents grow their business faster, makes their lives simpler, and creates better outcomes for clients. In that sense, Dwelly is a technology company.

Our forever-aim is to use tech solutions to refine and humanize real estate in every aspect.